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To reserve your stateroom and lock in the final price, you will be required to place a deposit or initial payment on your cruise. For this deposit, the cruise line will require that you pay either a flat rate, anywhere from $100 to $1,000, or a percentage of your final fare, anywhere from 10% to 25%. After you have placed a deposit to secure your reservation, you will be asked to pay the remaining balance of your fare at the final payment due date. Depending on the cruise line, this final payment date can be from 45 to 90 days before sailing. If you book your cruise within the final payment period, you will be required to pay in full in order to secure your booking.

Cancellation and refund policies vary by cruise line, with penalties generally increasing as the sailing date approaches. You may be eligible for a full refund after cancellation only if you cancel within the cruise line’s designated time period. Please notify your cruise counselor immediately of any cancellations or changes.

Cruise lines do not make exceptions regarding cancellation charges, so we strongly recommend that passengers secure appropriate cancellation/ trip insurance.

Deposit, payment and cancellation terms may differ for group bookings; please consult your cruise counselor for the terms that apply. Changes to names or departure dates are treated as cancellations and new bookings by the cruise lines, and may incur cancellation penalties.

Every cruise line has very strict cancellation fees. Please speak to your cruise specialist for the exact cruise line penalties for your cruise.